“Scarlett” Nominated Best Fantasy

15 Feb
“Congratulations! You were nominated in the LR Cafe’s Best of 2015 Awards.” And so the email began from Evernight Publishing. I soon discovered that LR Cafe stood for  Love Romances Cafe and that each year readers were given a chance to enter nominees in certain categories.
“Scarlett Hood & The Hunter” was nominated by readers in:

Best Fantasy/Steampunk Book

It was an unexpected, exciting, honor!  Thank you to all the readers who nominated Scarlett in this year’s contest!

Evernight cover artist Jay Aheer designed the cover and I think she captured Scarlett exactly as she is in my fairy tale: bold, adventurous and beautiful.

Scarlett is not your average damsel in distress. She’s more of a take-charge-and-ask-questions-later-kind-of-girl. And Jack Hunter? Well he’s an unlikely hero. But aren’t they the best kind?

I’m in good company and I wish all my other nominees the best of luck!

The voting will begin at 1pm est (USA) on Tuesday February 16th at the LR Café Yahoo Group ( and run to February 20th. Polls will close on Feb. 20th at midnight so make sure to get your votes in!



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